Just like albums have a B side, this show is sort of an continuation and exploration of sorts from my show last year. “Upon Shoulders” is a continuation of exploring landscapes and oceanscapes at a re-newed introspective time of my life. The show title was sparked through a classic expression by Isaac Newton "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." From a completely other perspective, many of these new paintings are from a higher point of view as if a child was on your shoulders looking out upon the vast mystery ahead. Along that same line of thinking I’m hoping to provoke the viewer to have that same sense of wander & questioning , but more importantly that it’s safe. There is no need to worry.
A steady stream of change has been a theme over the past few years and I’ve found myself mentally stripping away at things and building new foundations. Maybe subconsciously, that is why I’m so attracted to painting the ocean right now. The give and take of the waves, the chaos of it all, yet purpose and life are ever present.
There seems to always be some new challenge I’m facing as our family grows and it’s been simply amazing getting to re-discover the beauty and innocence of life through the eyes of my children. Hopefully in some shape or form, where I’m at in life right now pours itself out into this new work and connects.